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Go Bespoke

At Sunyara we always aim to please our client's and forfill there requirements like no other. With the option to go bespoke we aim to achieve this making us your number one choice, truly creating a unique piece of jewellery.  

Our range of services include Artist drawings to CAD design services with a consultant to guide you through the whole process to ensure your requirements are met at every stage. To speak to a consultant regarding our services please use the contact us page and submit your enquiry today.Please send us any images you have of the design you like. Feel free to send links to the item if there are images of it online.

To enable us to give you an accurate quote please include as many details as possible including width of ring, ring size and the following:

1) Diamond/s details - Total carat weight - Colour - Cut- Clarity

2) Choice of metal - Platinum - 18ct White gold - 9ct White Gold  - 18ct Yellow gold - 9ct Yellow gold


We will create rendered Cad image for you based on your specification. This is a computerised design image like the images shown above. The rendered Cad images will show you how your bespoke design will look when finished.

Once you have seen the Cad-Cam image we will ask for a 50% deposit before we begin to make your ring. The balance will be due once the item is ready to be dispatched to you.


Shaped Wedding Bands/rings 

Twist-style engagement rings have become increasingly popular over the last few years. We offer a range of shaped wedding rings that are designed to fit around the various twist rings. 



We also offer ‘Cut-To-Fit’ wedding rings, which have a small section cut out of them to enable an engagement ring to sit flush against the rings. 


**Delivery time for a Bespoke Design
Our average delivery time for a bespoke item is 4 weeks.

If your order is urgent or you need it delivered in time for a specific date you can let us know and will be able to tell you if we are able to meet your deadline.


***Deposits and Refunds

Please note that as bespoke items are made to your exact specifications they cannot be returned for a refund or exchange unless they are at fault. Also please note that deposits are also non refundable  



Unique does not have to mean expensive! Especially if it helps achieve the desired effectI

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