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Size Guide

Size Guide

You may already know your ring size, based on a ring that you currently own which is a comfortable fit. If you have a ring that is worn on the same finger as the one you would like to buy, then we will happily measure it for you in our Office. Alternatively, visit a local jeweller and ask if they could size your finger.

A ring should fit snugly on your finger but still be loose enough to remove without too much tugging. Avoid measuring your ring when it is hot or cold, and remember that the two hands differ slightly; a ring worn on the left hand will not be a perfect fit on the right hand. Please note that for finger sizes beyond P, there may be an extra charge.


UK, Ireland, Australia,
New Zealand
China, Japan, India, South America Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Netherlands
H 4 7 6.75
I 8 8
J   8.75
5 9 9.25
K   10
10 10.5
L   11.25
6 11 11.75
M 12 12.5
13 13.25
N   13.75
7 14 14.5
O   15
15 15.75
P   16.25
8 16 17
Q   17.5
17 18.25
R   19
9 18 19.5
S   20.25
19 20.75
T   21.5
10 20 22
U 10¼ 21 22.75
10½ 22 23.25
V 10¾   24
11 23 24.75



The size of our pendant motifs will all differ slightly depending on the design, but they predominantly hang on a 46 cm (18-inch) chain.

Opera-length Necklaces

A versatile alternative, our opera-length necklaces tend to be between 99cm and 109 cm (39 inches and 43 inches) and are designed to fall just below the bust. If you would prefer a different length chain, please contact us to discuss your options further.



Our bracelets measure on average 18 cm (7 inches) in length.


On average our bangles measure approximately 57 mm (diameter) by 48 mm (height). If you would prefer a different size of bracelet, please contact us to discuss your options further.

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